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I am a Professor of Information Systems and Technology. My foci are UX, data visualization and emerging technologies in business & education. I help students realize their potential for innovation, creativity, self-confidence, and the ability to conduct life-long learning. I share my life with my husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, and 4 horses.

My teaching

When it comes down to it, student learning is the heart of what I do at Creighton. Over the past 25 years, I have seen students, student learning, and teaching methods change dramatically. This is a challenge, as I was taught solely by the lecture method, with discussion mixed in. The challenges posed in teaching today are significant, but also exciting.

Courses I teach

BIA 253 is a required undergraduate course for all business students. Its title is Introduction to Management Information Systems. The course goal is for students to develop a firm foundation in the big concepts in technology that all business people must know to be successful. Upon this, we explore ways in which technology is commonly used in business to compete, be more effective and efficient, and generally be successful.

BIA 375 is a required undergraduate course for all BIA majors. The title of the course is Application Development. In the course, students learn a variety of current development technologies. Then they use their knowledge to work with a partner to develop a functional mobile app for the iPhone and Adroid platforms. They use the Application Craft IDE, which is in the cloud, to develop their apps to any mobile platform.

I currently teach several graduate courses in the MBA and Information Management and Technology programs online and onsite. These include

  • Introduction to Information Systems in Business (ITM 731)
  • Introduction to Human Factors in Informations Systems (ITM 734)
  • Introduction to Database (ITM 782)

Course Evals (coming)

Here go the links to the evals.

Links to 2013 evals

Links to 2012 evals

Project Spotlight

Argy Bargy

Student Project Showcase

The 2014 App Development Argy Bargy was, once again, a great success. The Argy Bargy, a UK slang for a spirited discussion, lets Heider College of Business students in my App Development course to showcase their projects. The projects, developed for iOS and Android, have included an app to connect students buying and selling textbooks on campus, one to help CU students find a ride home and back with other CU students, and an app to curtail communication when you are 'impaired' using a unique quizzing system. The top teams received iPads, Microsoft Surface, Lenova A8 Tablet, and Pebble smart watches. Thanks to all the sponsors who donated via stuentlauncher.com (crowd-sourcing student project fund raising), and special thanks to the Heider College of Business, Client Resources Inc (CRI), iJay Apple Store at Creighton, and the Creighton Dept. of IT, for their donations of the technology awards.

Neebo and Copia

Collaborative Textbooks Beta

I am very excited that all of my Spring 2015 students are beta-testing a new collaborative textbook system in the cloud. We are one of three test sites in the world. The system, named Neebo, is the brainchild of NE Book Company and is built by Copia. Students received iPads for the Beta, and all their textbooks, at no cost. Students are using Neebo to read their textbooks from iOS or Android devices and computers. What is really exciting is that Neebo makes any textbook collaborative. Within a textbook, students can add notes or questions next to the relevant text. These can also be shared with the class or even with anyone using the book across the country or the world! Faculty can embed quiz questions, links to lecture snippets to clarify concepts, and notes to explain difficult ideas, all at the point in the textbook that the content is presented. The system also provides analytics of student use.

Amazon AWS

Graduate Database Course

My graduate Database Course in the Information Management and Technology program did their hands-on design and development work using Amazon's state of the art AWS (Amazon Web Services) system. Each student will create their own account, and will install an image that contains a web server, database server, and other tools that they will use throughout the semester. The Amazon AWS system provides a real-world, popular commercial system in which students can apply course concepts using real tools. AWS uses the concept of virtual servers in the cloud, thus extending student learning to a practice that is becoming increasing common in all walks of business. Business users of AWS include Netflix, SAP, Pintrest, SugarCRM, GE, and of course Amazon.

Flipping Courses

This is my third year of teaching all of my classes using a methodology called Flipped Classes. In this approach to hands-on learning, homework and in-class lecture/discussions are flipped. That is, students do the reading and watch lecture on video before coming to class. Then, in class, they do the hard work of the course - using and applying the new concepts. This is done in class, where their professor and all of their peers are there to help.

While this method has not been shown to improve grades short-term, it has been shown to significantly increase retention of material. In addition, if you have ever been in a flipped classroom, the obvious engagement of the students with each other, the professor, and the material is obvious. The room is active, energized, and exciting. It is very satisfying as a professor to witness this environment, although I must say I do miss lecturing - I love to lecture!/p>



Teaching Methods

I regularly conduct research comparing new, experiential teaching methodologies, such as flipped, vs. traditional lecture in my courses.


Teaching Evaluations

I am currently working with Drs. Anne York and Peter Gallo exploring the use of The Ultimate Question as a course evaluation tool.


Online Trust

Along with Drs. Bev Kracher and Susan Wiedenbeck, we have conducted numberous studies of the nature of trust in the online world.


Online Teaching UX

I am very interested in the role of UX in general. But now in view of courses moving online, the role of the UX in these online courses is intriguing.


Application Craft

Check out applicationcraft.com - it is an amazing cloud-based development environment that uses Phonegap to deploy your app to any mobile platform with just a click! Completely javascript-based.


Pebble Watch

A watch that simply works - vibrates, then shows caller ID, new text, or new email on the watchface with no problems. Enough said.


Jot Smartpen

I love this. Clip a 2" dongle on top of any paper you want, sync with your mac, iPad, or iPhone, and write using the Jot ballpoint pen. Everything you write is saved, seamlessly, and then synced to Dropbox. Really.



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Great Quote

El quien pide perdon premio es el mas valiente. El quien perdona primero es el mas fuerte. Y el quien olvida primero es el mas feliz.
-grandmother of Christina Rivera class of 2017
Translation: The first to ask for forgiveness is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. And the first to forget is the happiest.


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Dr. Cynthia L. Corritore
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Professor, Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Intelligence & Analytics Department
Heider College of Business
Creighton University
Omaha, NE USA

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